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Objectives & Outcomes

Teacher List in Civil Department

Teacher List in Civil Department
No Name Degree Position
1 U Hla Min Soe AGTI(C) Lecturer
2 Daw May Kyawt Khaing ME(C) Lecturer
3 U Kaung Htet Naing BE(C) Assistant Lecturer
4 Daw Nann San Theingi Myint BE(C) Assistant Lecturer
5 U Thiha Kyaw Zin BE(C) Assistant Lecturer
6 Daw Wint Darli Htun Naing BE(C) Tutor
7 Daw Htet Htet Lin AGTI(C) Technician(4)
8 Daw Phyo Phyo Aung AGTI(C) Technician(4)
9 Daw Ei Thandar Naing AGTI(C) Technician(4)
10 Daw Sandar Aung AGTI(C) Technician(4)

Practical Knowledge Sharing


No Name Code
1 Myanmar M-11011,12011
3 English E-11011,12011
4 Engineering Mathematics EM-11011,12011
5 Engineering Science ES-11011,12011
6 Engineering Mechanics ME-11015,12015
7 Civil Engineering Drawing CE-11011,12011
8 Building  Materials and Construction CE-11012,12012
9 Workshop Practical
No Name Code
1 English EcE-21011,22011
2 Engineering Mathematics EM-21021,22021
3 Structure CE-21013,22013
4 Building Materials and Construction CE-21022,22022
5 Elementary Surveying CE-21011,22011
6 Road & Bridge CE-21017 ,22017
7 Fluid Mechanics CE-21016,22016
8 Civil Engineering Drawing CE-21012,22012
9 Workshop Practical
No Name Code
1 English E-31011
2 Fundamental of Timber & Steel and Concrete Structure CE-31014,32014
3 Building Service CE-31018,32018
4 Elementary Surveying CE-31021,32021
5 Irrigation & Railway CE-31017,32026,
6 Estimating and Specification CE-31022,32022
7 Reinforced Concrete CE-31024,32024
8 Civil Engineering Drawing CE-31012,32012

First Year Project

Diploma Awarding Ceremony (2018-2019)