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Electrical Power Department

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In front of EP Dept.
In front of Office

Teacher Lists of EP Department

1U Naing Win TunBE (EP)Associate Professor
2Daw Khaing Zar WinBE (EP)Lecturer
3Daw Khin Ngu War HanBE (EP)Assistant Lecturer
4Daw Htet Htet Shoon LeiBE (EP)Tutor
5Daw Ei Ei Khaing PhyoeBE (EP)Tutor
6Daw Khaing Zar LinBE (EP)Tutor
7Daw Zin Mon Mon NwayB-TECH (EP)Technician-3
8Daw Soe Sandar TunAGTI (EP)Technician-4
9U Si Thu AungAGTI (EP)Technician-4
10Daw Cho Mon Mon NwayAGTI (EP)Technician-4
11U Hein Ko Ko HtetAGTI (EP)Technician-4
12Daw Zon Pwint PhyuAGTI (EP)Technician-4
13Daw Ei Phyo AungAGTI (EP)Technician-4


N0 Name Code
1 Myanmar M-11011,12011
3 English E-11011,12011
4 Engineering Mathematics EM-11011,12011
5 Engineering Science ES-11011,12011
6 Engineering Mechanics ME-11015,12015
6 Mechnical Engineering Drawing ME-11011,12011
7 Basic Electricity EP-11011,12011
8 Basic Analog Electronics EP-11014,12014
9 Electrical Lab
Name Code
English E-21011,22011
Calculus & Analytics Geometry II EM-21012,22013
MechanicalEngineeringFundamentals ME-21034,22034
Engineering Circuit Analysis EP-21011,22011
Electrical Machnine EP-21021,22021
Generation,Transmission&Distribution EP-21013,22013
Electrical Wring Design & Illumination EP-21015,22015
Electrical Lab
No Subject Name Code
1 English E 31011,32011
2 Electrical Safety & Protection EP -31012,32012
3 Transmission & Distrubution EP-31014,32014
4 Electrical Estimating EP-31015,32015
5 Electrical Machine III EP-31022,32022
6 Industrial Motor Control EP-31011,32011
7 Electrical Lab

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